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The ultimate 4-way system dedicated to
Recording, Mixing & Mastering


The ultimate 4-way system dedicated to recording, mixing & mastering!

The pinnacle of current PSI stereo and sub system development, the Satellite 25-225 system, consisting of a pair of A25-M speakers and a pair of A225-M subs, represents the ultimate in 4-way stereo reproduction. The crossover frequencies between the units are perfectly aligned and form a flat frequency response from 30Hz up to 20KHz.
The Satellite 25-225 comes with all the technologies of the single units (CPR and AOI), but provides an increased frequency range and SPL. Protecting your investment over time, the Satellite A25-225 system can be used as the basis of a most powerful PSI Audio 5.1 surround sound system.

The ultimate 4-way system

Incredibly accurate

Are you looking for the ultimate system dedicated to recording, mixing and mastering?
SYSTEM 1 will answer all your needs.

Ralph Zünd @ 2inch records

“After 3 years of analyzing all existing main systems, I decided to go for the A25-M + Subs A225-M which exactly translated all my mixes, not fatiguing and very powerful for my 80m2 studio.”

– Ralph Zünd, 2-inch Records


  • 2X 300W + 1X 300W

  • 24Hz-23kHz

  • 124dB SPL max

  • Class G/H amplifiers

  • 100% Analog – No DSP

  • Phase Compensated for a better stereo image

  • Individually calibrated

  • 5 years warranty

Product:SYSTEM 1
Response at -6dB:24 – 23’000Hz
Tolerances:± 2 dB (30Hz- 20kHz)
Continuous Max SPL@1m:118 dB
Program Max SPL@1m:124 dB
Program Power:2x 300W + 1x 300W
System:4 Way(s)

Each speaker is individually calibrated in our anechoic chamber and is delivered with its frequency response sheet.
A proof of quality.

On special request, we can customize your speaker with any RAL color.
Please ask us directly.

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