Yes PSI Audio products will work in all countries.

It is important however that the voltage is set to match the voltage of the mains (i.e.  230 V or 115 V). This is normally done by the importer who will make sure the products are set up for the local network.

The procedure is explained in our manual:
“Check that the voltage value on the AC power selector is set correctly (according to your local AC power supply). If this is not the case, it will be necessary to adjust the main power supply with the following procedure. Carefully squeeze the two latches on either side of the fuse plug and pull the fuse holder out of its socket. Now replace the fuse for the different voltage setting with the correct value fuse according to the required voltage. The correct value of the fuse is printed next to the OnOff switch of your loudspeaker. Pull out the grey plastic cap which holds the fuse and turn it 180° so it shows the correct voltage setting through the outer window when placed back in its position. Now you can carefully push the complete fuse holder back into its place above the mains connector”