First of all our approach is scientific and defines the role of a loudspeaker as being to transform and electric signal into an acoustic signal as accurately as possible. The loudspeaker manufacture should not make the sound and should respect the artist and sound engineer’s or designer’s work. A loudspeaker should be able to reproduce in in detail to allow the listener to live the same emotions.

Then the entire design of all the electronics, driver and cabinet is done with this in mind and with the most sophisticated measurement instruments as well as a large panel of listeners in different environments.

Our loudspeakers are built to last for a lifetime at least and we are proud.

Many other characteristics are unique such as:

  • 100% analogue in to out
  • Phase accurate
  • Entirely handmade in Switzerland, come and visit us!
  • Individually calibrated in our large anechoic room
  • Built to last for a life time


The result of this is that the stereo image as well as the transient response is incomparable. The calibrated frequency response allows to recognise the exact instruments or sound source.

As a result, professionals to work faster, better and with more confidence and hifi enthusiasts hear all the details of their music.