Metal grill & brackets

This metal grill protection was precisely designed for the A17-M, A21-M, A23-M and A25-M models.
The grill covers the whole front side of the speaker to make sure that both transducers could not be damaged.
The acoustic design of the grill provides a maximum alteration of 1dB on certain high frequencies. The global acoustic performance of the product remained then almost unchanged.
The mounting of the grill requires precision, but the process is quite simple and detailed in a Mounting Manual delivered with the grill. Read the manual carefully before installing the grill to avoid any mishandling.

You can add brackets to A17-M, A21-M, A23-M, A25-M or A214-M to suspend them in vertical or horizontal position.

Gig Bags

Carry your monitors and AVAA anywhere with you!

When you have the best possible monitors, understandably you will want to have them whenever you go.
All you need then is a practical way of packing them and transporting them.
Our solid gig bags have been developed exactly for that! Light, robust, practical and beautiful you will never leave without your monitors.
Handmade in USA.
Exist for the following models: A14-M Studio, A14-M Broadcast, A17-M, A21-M and AVAA.
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