In over 40 years of building professional monitor speakers, we have acquired a lot of experience and know-how and distilled this knowledge into sophisticated, all-analogue technology. Class G/H amplifiers, CPR, AOI, ALG, dedicated drivers – all these technologies help us achieve maximum precision for your listening needs.


The most important aspect of our technology is that everything is thought through and designed to interact and work together perfectly as a unified system with the laws of physics as the only limit.

We strive to deliver the most coherent sound and design across the whole product range. In order to achieve this compatibility between models, we make sure that the transfer function is the same in both frequency response and phase, which is our speciality.


Fast, linear, accurate, reliable, seamless.

Ears are analogue. Sound is analogue. A transducer is analogue.

Consequently, our loudspeaker technology is also entirely analogue.

This requires smart design as well as the highest degree of quality control over all components and manufacturing of the loudspeaker. Well-engineered analogue technology guarantees fast, linear, seamless and reliable operation with no latency.


The role of a speaker is to reproduce sound without colouring it. This requires a flat frequency response without boosting or damping any frequencies.

This is ensured by design as well as by individual calibration of each single speaker produced.

Flat frequency response ensures the timber of each sound is perfectly respected so that you can perfectly recognise each instrument.


Accurate sound reproduction not only means a flat frequency response but also requires a flat phase response.

The CPR system accurately aligns the phase response of the monitor to recreate the perfect transients and space image of real life sound.

Phase-aligned frequencies is most important in a speaker.

Imagine a kick and a snare that are supposed to be perfectly synchronised but while listening to your speakers, the kick is slightly delayed and you can’t hear exactly where it is in the stereo image… this doesn’t happen never with PSI Audio speakers who deliver a perfect sound stage!

We use a series of carefully adjusted all-pass filters to compensate the phase and ensure the signal is perfectly respected down to very frequencies. This is done by analog technology only which ensures the latency is kept to a strict minimum, i.e. under 0.6 milliseconds as well as avoiding unnecessary conversion to and from digital.

Our CPR system ensures phase is accurate above 150 Hz in our monitors. This ensures that transients are natural and dynamic and that the sound stage is perfect.


All of our amplifiers are 100% designed and assembled in our facilities, ensuring the highest possible degree of reliability and performance. This is achieved through our class G/H amplifier that combines the advantages of class AB amplifier with greater efficiency and lower distortion.

Class G/H uses multiple power supply rails of various voltages, seamlessly switching to a higher voltage when the audio signal requires it and seamlessly switching back to lower supply voltage when the audio signal reduces.

The average power consumption and heat caused by wasted power is therefore reduced. Classes G/H amplifiers require considerably more complex power supplies but combine many advantages.

Note that PSI Audio has also designed class G/H amplifiers for several other industries when these couldn’t achieve the desired specifications with class D or class A/B amplifiers.


It is very easy to get a loudspeaker membrane to move, but this movement needs to be perfectly controlled. It needs to accelerate and stop as fast as possible without creating any unwanted vibrations.

A loudspeaker membrane is pushed and pulled by the coil in the magnet gap depending on the current that goes through it. The mechanical construction of a transducer represents a mass on a spring that naturally doesn’t behave the same way at all frequencies. It typically has a resonance frequency where it moves easier.

Not only the transducer has resonance frequencies but also the material itself, the suspension, the spider, etc. It is important to know all these physical characteristics to be able to correct them with the electronics.

So whatever the material of the transducer (paper, fabric, polypropylene or any other) it has to be accounted for in order to avoid any coloration of the sound. The material of the membrane should not colour the sound, all materials should reproduce accurately and not “sound” different. We have chosen material for their weight, rigidity, durability as well as homogeneity in production.

In order to correct all of these physical characteristics we have implemented a feedback loop from the speed of the transducer and acting on the output impedance of the amplifier. Needless to say that this circuitry is impossible to function in real-time with any digital technology and only analogue technology will achieve a perfectly seamless result.

Our AOI technology ensures that there is no colouration of the sound from the transducers and that the transients are maximised.


Optimised wave guide

The shape and dimensions of the waveguide used in PSI Audio tweeter is specially designed to optimise directivity as well as maximising sound pressure level and extending bandwidth.


Remote standby technology

This feature is extremely useful when switching between monitoring configurations and visualising if speakers are active or in standby mode. The PSC technology enables to remotely activate and deactivate the standby mode of your loudspeakers through the signal cable.

It is best used with our R&B (router and bass management) footswitch that allows to seamlessly switch between 3 different monitoring configurations.


Over decades of manufacturing the best possible loudspeakers, we know what it takes: uninterrupted control of every slightest component and assembly step.

The entire woodwork as well as each contact and each welding are done by hand to guarantee not only flawless quality but also long term reliability. Step by step as elements are crafted and assembled with great care, every part is checked for quality and consistency by our dedicated assembly technicians.

The fact the manufacturing is done by hand with a human eye on every step plays a key role in the consistency of production, in order to warranty the reliability, the smallest tolerances and achieve the highest performances.

As a result, our loudspeakers will typically operate for several decades before any wear is noticed and they can then easily be repaired and upgraded.

PSI Audio products are a lifetime investment!