Compact Mastering Monitor (new)

The innovative architecture of the A215-M enables its outstanding performance for professional mastering and audiophile listening. Optimised for both seated or standing listening, it reproduces sonic spaces with breathtaking accuracy.

Main Features


290 + 55W

Frequency Range

36Hz – 23kHz

Peak max. SPL@1m


Typical listening distance

1.2 to 3.5m

100% Analog – No DSP

Flat frequency response

Perfect stereo image

True D’Appolito system


Class G/H Amplifiers

Individually calibrated

5+1 years warranty

Handmade in Switzerland

The perfect journey in your studio

Only you know where your story begins, and who knows where it will take you? While the path may be shrouded in mystery, at least the sound is clear as day – with the A215-M.

Think of mastering monitors. Now strip away their bulk, but retain the sonic quality and reduce its appearance to an elegant floor-standing speaker. What you are imagining now is the A215-M, a very compact yet infinitely capable mastering monitor. It delivers the sound that has earned PSI Audio the respect of sound professionals all around the world with all the precision and detail required for mastering. It may be its sleek exterior design, but listening to the A215-M makes the speaker disappear and the music stand on its own – ready for you to delve right in.

“The A215-M surprises in its capacity to deliver a very broad bandwidth with an increadible SPL, making the add of a subwoofer completely useless.

In the bass range, the A215-M showed itself to be confident, with contoured, dry depths that, despite the bass reflex design, left the impression of the signature of a closed monitor.”

Fritz Fey, Studio Magazin – Germany

True D’Appolito design

The A215-M uses a D’Appolito configuration of 2 woofers, one above and one underneath the tweeter which creates a point source system with reduced dispersion on the vertical plane.

This is typically well suited for mastering rooms or living rooms where reflection on floor and ceiling are best when minimised.

Expand the bottom end

Technically, the A215-M does not need a supporting subwoofer. It already reaches low enough to be rightfully called a full-range system. However, by adding a Sub A125-M or Sub A225-M, not only do the low frequencies benefit from the added power, but midrange clarity can also be further enhanced.
The addition of a subwoofer might not dramatically change the performance of the A215-M, but it will let the system as a whole perform at its best.

A215-M Technical Data

Potential peak power:290 + 55 W
Continuous max SPL@1m:102 dB
Short Term max SPL@1m:106 dB
Peak max SPL@1m:115 dB
Signal to noise Ratio:98 dBA
Bandwidth at -6dB:36 - 23000 Hz
SPL tolerances:±2.0 dB
Phase tolerances:±45° (250Hz - 20kHz)
Dispersion (P.N. 4 - 16 kHz) at -6 dB:80° x 60° (H x V)
System:2 Way(s)
Crossover frequency:1.8 kHz
Woofer's dim. Ext. / Diaphragm:2x Ø 147 mm / Ø 104 mm
Tweeter's dim. Ext. / Diaphragm:Ø 100 mm / Ø 27 mm
Input Connector:1 x XLR F / 3P
Dimensions W x H x D mm:166 x 1110 x 230
Net Weight:15 kg
Voltage:115/230V (50-60Hz)

Flat Response

Each speaker is individually calibrated in our anechoic chamber and is delivered with its frequency response sheet. A proof of quality.

A215-M – Mastering-grade floor-standing speaker

The A215-M is unique in the PSI Audio range as it is the only floor-standing speaker. Employing all the proprietary PSI Audio technologies and boasting a finely tuned D’Appolito driver setup, the A215-M grants outstanding fidelity for both standing and seated listeners.

A215-M – Who is it for?

The evolution of mastering and multichannel techniques, as well as the rise of personal studios, lead us to think that it may be time for a new shape of monitors.

The innovative architecture of the PSI Audio A215-M produces an outstanding full-range performance for mastering even without an additional bass extension. This floor-standing monitor benefits from perfectly coincident sources.

It has been optimized for listening in sitting or standing position and reproduces the sonic space with remarkable precision. The A215-M features all the most advanced technological innovations of the brand: high-yield G/H class amplification, CPR, AOI, ALG and PSC, all of which add to that special PSI Audio experience.

The A215-M is designed to be harmoniously integrated with all the rest of the M series monitor range. The A215-M can easily be used in stereo or in surround systems.

Recording / Producing
Post Production
Home listening

Handmade in Switzerland

All our products are handcrafted in Switzerland with passion and attention to detail.

Manufacturing by hand allows to match and adjust components so that tolerances cancel each other out instead of building up, as is often the case in industrial production.

Choose your colour

Choose between Studio Red, Metal Black and Pure White.

Cabinets are manufactured with great care and attention from the choice of the wood all the way through to the paintwork.

Technical Data & Documents

  • compact subwoofer A125-M
    add more power, more low end. A125-M perfectly matches an A17-M pair
  • subwoofer A225-M
    more low end (24Hz), more power for your A17-M setup.


What our users say

I like the precision, the stereo image, the bass tense and  the spectacular rendering of the A215-M in mastering situation.
Benjamin Savignoni – Translab Mastering