The final frontier to your bass problems

AVAA is a compact active bass trap with the following advantages:
– full analog technology = no latency
– no calibration needed
– absorbs low frequencies between 15Hz and 150Hz
– 5 to 20 times more efficient than a perfect passive absorber of the same size
– works in realtime

AVAA… an acoustic solution to solve acoustic problems

PSI Audio AVAA in studio
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PSI Audio products are handmade with passion since 1977


PSI AUDIO active studio monitors are amongst the most desirable true reference speakers for stereo and surround sound applications.


Using 100% high tech analog technology and completely designed and manufactured in our workshops in Switzerland, our complete range of speakers is the most transparent and accurate on the market, making them the ultimate reference for sound purists.


Whether you are working as a studio sound engineer in recording, mixing, mastering, broadcast or post production, you will be blown away by how faster and better you will work with PSI Audio products!