AVAA C214 at Hardstudios

Bye bye muddy bass

New digital active bass trap

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PSI Audio A215-M

The new A215-M is now available

with our exclusive handmade tweeter

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PSI Audio A23-M at PKO Studios Madrid

A perfect studio monitor

is the sum of perfect details

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PSI Audio A17-Ms2 at Reponse Studio

Disover the power of the A17-M

featuring a handmade tweeter

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New A21-M

The new A21-M is here

Redefine the way you produce

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A Lifetime Investment

100% Analog Technology

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Small size, big sound

use the A14-M anywhere

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Revolutionary active bass traps

Easy to setup, compact, working on the room modes from 15Hz to 150Hz, our active bass traps are way more effective than passive absorption.

Now you have the choice between the original one, the AVAA C20 which is 100% analog and the new AVAA C214, an ultra low latency digital device.

Reference studio monitors

Our studio monitors stand out for their superior performance, thanks to our 100% analog technology.

Take advantage of their transparency, without the feeling of ear fatigue. A lifetime investment.

Handmade in Switzerland

All our products are designed and handcrafted in Switzerland with passion and attention to detail.

Manufacturing by hand enables matching and adjusting of components to cancel out tolerances instead of allowing them to build up, which is a common occurrence in industrial production.


Where to buy

Our products are exported and represented all over the world.

Our trusted distributors take care of our products and handle resellers who will be able to demonstrate the products.