Digital active bass trap

The new AVAA C214 stands aside its world-famous sibling, the AVAA C20. The innovative AVAA technology eliminates room modes from 15 Hz to 160 Hz with an equivalent absorption area up to 45 times its size and without requiring calibration or tuning.

PSI Audio AVAA C214 digital active bass trap

Working from 15Hz – 160Hz

Whether you have 1, 2, 3 or more disturbing room modes, the AVAA C214 will work on all of them. It will absorb all undesired room modes.

AVAA is a revolution

Based on the same absorption principles as the AVAA C20, the AVAA C214 is fully digital and allows control via an app.

No calibration required

Simply place it where your room modes are and it will absorb them. No calibration required.

AVAA C214 - Art

High efficiency

As effective as a perfect passive absorber up to 45 x its size.

Digital solution

Ultra low latency via DSP processing.

Works in any type of room

The AVAA C214 can be used in recording/mixing/mastering studios, OB Vans, hifi listening rooms, machine rooms…

Absorption only

Thanks to our technology, there is no signal emitted, only absorption.

Plug and Play

No calibration required. Simply place it where the room modes are.


Take it from your recording room to your mixing studio easily.

AVAA C214 Office
Get rid of resonating basses

What could be more tiring for our ears than bass that resonates in a room?

Simply place an AVAA where you get the most energy from low frequencies to avoid reflections coming back from the wall.


Small footprint, flexible positioning, vertical or horizontal, on floor ceiling or walls.

Timeless design

Slender and elegant timeless design.

So many types of applications

Once you have solid walls or a solid surface, modal behavior becomes unavoidable, but the AVAA C214 is incredibly effective in mitigating it.

AVAA C214 Office 2
For professional audio

– Recording, mixing and mastering studio.
– OB Van.
– Home studio.
– Post production suite.

For entertainment

– High fidelity listening.
– Home cinema.
– Small club.
– Bar.

In industry

– Boiler room.
– Machine room.
– Industrial facility.

AVAA logo

Visit our AVAA technology page to understand all the principles of active absorption.

AVAA stands for ” Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber”


Visit our blog

Visit our blog to learn more about what is an active bass trap, how it works or how to place it.

Visit our blog to learn more about what is an active bass trap, how it works or how to place it.

Optional mounting feet

The mounting feet allow you to easily install an AVAA C214 on a wall, ceiling or simply position it horizontally on the floor.

AVAA C214 with mounting feet
AVAA C214 mounting feet - face view

What our users say

“There’s nothing else on the planet that comes close to the performance!”
Bob Katz