Digital active bass trap

The AVAA C214 harnesses innovative AVAA technology, designed to effectively eliminate disruptive bass resonances within the frequency range of 15 Hz to 160 Hz. What sets it apart is its ability to achieve an equivalent absorption area up to 45 times its physical size. Remarkably, this breakthrough is achieved without the need for calibration or tuning.

PSI Audio AVAA C214 digital active bass trap

Working from 15 Hz to 160 Hz

The AVAA is pressure based absorber.
Whether you have 1 or multiple disturbing room modes, the AVAA C214 will absorb all of these that are present in its location.

AVAA is a revolution

Based on the same absorption principles as the AVAA C20, the AVAA C214 is fully digital and allows control via an app.

No calibration required

Simply place it where your room modes are and it will absorb them. No calibration required.

AVAA C214 - Héritage3

High efficiency

As effective as a perfect passive absorber up to 45 x its size.

Digital solution

Ultra low latency processing via 2 independent DSPs.

Works in any type of room

The AVAA C214 can be used anywhere: recording/mixing/mastering studios, OB Vans, hifi listening rooms, machine rooms, etc.

Absorption only

Thanks to our technology, there is no signal emitted, only absorption.

Plug and Play

No calibration required. Simply place it where the room modes are.


Take it from your recording room to your mixing studio easily.

Optional mounting feet

The mounting feet allow you to easily install an AVAA C214 on a wall, ceiling or simply position it horizontally on the floor.
The assembly remains very compact.

AVAA C214 dimensions
AVAA C214 with mounting feet

Introduction to the new AVAA C214

In this video, Roger Roschnik, CEO of PSI Audio, explains the basics of the room modes and why we created the AVAA technology.
Discover our new active bass trap, the AVAA C214, which is completely digital and can be controlled with an app.