Welcome To PSI Audio

Relec SA is the company that owns and manufactures PSI Audio. Our workshops and offices are ideally located in Yverdon-les-Bains in Switzerland in the middle of a fast developing technology park.

Relec SA is specialized in designing and manufacturing very high quality loudspeakers. A part from PSI Audio we also manufacture Rowen as well as some custom built speakers. In the past we developed and produced a range of studio monitors for Studer

Our 1000 square meters premises feature all the workshops necessary for the production of speakers: mechanics, woodwork, winding, cabling, PCB laboratory, PCB mounting, magnetization, assembly workshops, quality check stages, 150 cubic meter anechoic chamber, packaging, storage, etc.

Our unique and multi-disciplinary expertise in acoustics, vibratory mechanics, electronics and instrumentation has also allowed us to develop devices for other industries: seismographs that equip many bridges and dams in Europe, high precision amplifier for precision mechanical devices, measurement instruments for the watch industry, acoustic tables for the medical industry, etc.