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Perfectly matched* active studio monitors

Handmade with passion in Switzerland

What studio monitor is best suited for me?

All PSI Audio monitors have similar frequency and phase response and therefore can be mixed and matched in any multichannel system.

The advantages of a bigger monitor compared to a smaller one are the following:

  • More powerful with higher sound pressure level output
  • Lower frequencies can be reached
  • Higher accuracy with tighter tolerances

So the choice of one monitor over another should be made taking into consideration:

  • Listening distance
  • Desired bandwidth
  • Accuracy of monitor
ProductRecommended Listening DistanceTypical Room SizeTypical Use
(Broadcast & Studio)
0.5 to 1 .5mUp to 15 m2 When space is limited such as offsite broadcasting vehicles.
Accurate transportable monitor.
Multichannel system.
A17-M0.7 to 2 m 10 to 25 m2 Powerful accurate sound reproduction.
Small studios, home studios.
A21-M 1 to 3 m15 to 35 m2Medium sized rooms and when high accuracy is needed.
Production, mixing, mastering.
A23-M1.2 to 3.5 m15 to 40 m2 Medium sized rooms and when high accuracy is needed.
Production, mixing, mastering..
A25-M 1.3 to 4 m20 to 50 m2Large rooms when sound accuracy is paramount.
A215-M1.2 to 3.5 m15 to 25 m2Floorstanding monitor.
Larger rooms with less treatment.
Mastering and lounge listening.
A214-M1.2 to 3.5 m15 to 25 m2 Central speaker in multichannel setups.
Can easily be placed underneath a screen.

* with how much time and effort we invest in developing, designing and building our products, you can expect them to be very coherent across the whole range. Transfer functions both in frequency and phase are immaculate. As a result, we do not match pairs of speakers – all our speakers are matched pairs.

This coherence even goes across models, so combining differently sized speakers in a surround setup, for example, will still achieve a homogenous sound image.