Problems with room modes?

Our active bass traps AVAA C20 & AVAA C214 are the solution.
They will absorb excess pressure and reduce resonance time!

The products


Ultra Low Latency Digital


The original, 100% analog

AVAA C20 and C214 use active technology to fight room modes

01. Two active bass traps

Since its release in 2016, the AVAA C20 has proven its efficiency in many types of applications: home studios, recording studios, audiophiles… In 2023, we are once again revolutionizing the world of acoustics with our digital bass trap, the AVAA C214.

02. More effective than passive absorption

Active absorption is up to 45 times more effective than any passive absorption of the similar size.

03. Easy to setup

The AVAAs are pressure based absorbers and simply need to be placed in a high pressure location to be extremely effective.


Comparisons of characteristics

AVAA C20 and AVAA C214

Product AVAA C20 AVAA C214
Frequency range 15 – 150 Hz  15 – 160 Hz
Efficiency 25x its size 45x its size
Active surface 0.2m2 0.13m2
Surface efficiency 5m2 5.85m2
Technology Analog Digital
Housing MDF Robust aluminium
Dimensions (mm) 424 x 509 x 300 diam. 210 x 640
Weight (kg) 13 11

Which one is best for me?

PSI Audio AVAA C20 and AVAA C214

Both AVAA active bass traps work on the same principle: reducing room mode decay time.

AVAA C20 advantages:
– Full analog.
– Place and forget.
– Optimised for the professional audio market.

AVAA C214 advantages:
– Ultra low latency digital technology.
– Remote control with a smartphone and adjust efficiency.
– Modern timeless design.
– Optional feet for wall mounting.
– Optimised for the highend consumer market.

Both are unique and will significantly improve your listening confort and quality!

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Visit our AVAA technology page to understand all the principles of active absorption.

AVAA stands for ” Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber”