Analog active bass trap

Unique: easy to set up and move, no calibration required, as efficient as passive absorbers 25 times its size, the AVAA C20 typically reduces the resonance time of all room modes between 15 Hz and 150 Hz by up to 50%.


Working from 15Hz to 150Hz

Whether you have 1, 2, 3 or more disturbing room modes, the AVAA C20 will work on all of them. It will absorb all undesired room modes.

AVAA is a revolution

Since its release in 2016, AVAA has grown a reputation of being the secret weapon of the acoustic treatments and a revolution in room acoustics. In 2023, the active acoustic treatment is also done digitally with the AVAA C214.

No calibration required

Simply place it where your room modes are and it will absorb them. No calibration required.

High efficiency

As effective as a perfect passive absorber up to 25 times its size.

100% analogue

No DSP is used. Its 100% analogue technology allows a zero latency processing.

Works in any type of room

The AVAA C20 can be used in recording/mixing/mastering studios, OB Vans, hifi listening rooms, machine rooms…

Absorption only

Thanks to our technology, there is no signal emitted, only absorption.

Plug and Play

No calibration required. Simply place it where the room modes are.


Take it from your recording room to your mixing studio easily.

A revolution for your home studio acoustics?

Today German producer Kristian Kohle (Aborted, Powerwolf, Eskimo Callboy, Hämatom, Van Canto, Emil Bulls, Benighted) dives into the rabbit hole of control room acoustics.

Handmade in Switzerland

At our Swiss workshop, all our products are crafted by hand with a passionate attention to detail. Handmade manufacturing has a key advantage over industrial production – it allows us to match and adjust components so that tolerances cancel each other out, instead of building up.

What our users say

“There’s nothing else on the planet that comes close to the performance!”
Bob Katz