PSI Audio Active studio monitors complete family 2019


“Immediately, I was struck by a clarity and definition in the low end that was not there before. Any hazy or muddy low end notes are now clear as day. Separation between kick bass was almost laughably easy to identify and dial in. Notes that went up and down the bass scale were solid and well-defined.
The difference to my image was a huge improvement.”

“The quality and fundamental accuracy of the A21-M extends all the way through the audio band. The new PSI Audio tweeter is a success also, primarily because it does nothing to draw attention to itself. Tweeters are at their best, I think, when you don’t specifically notice their presence, and that’s the case with the A21-M.”

“I continue to be impressed by the design and sound of the PSI Audio A17-M, new and old.
The PSI Audio A17-M is a serious high-end mix tool that delivers beautifully detailed sound in a very small footprint. What’s not to like?”

“The extraordinary precision of the A25-M reveals details that go beyond ‘normal’ evaluation criteria and even represent a quality gap that is defined by the emotionality of the artist or technical expertise in recording, mixing and mastering. With its outstanding capabilities, the A25-M is one of the few reference monitors that have been able to make a lasting impression on me. How many of them are on my list? Maybe a total of six, seven…? In any case, one more from now on..”

“Swiss speaker gurus PSI Audio have never failed to impress us with their technical innovations, and their latest model is no exception!
The natural details of female voices and higher‑pitched acoustic instruments, if they have survived the tracking and mixing processes, are reproduced spectacularly. And if they haven’t survived the tracking and mixing processes, the problems are obviously revealed.”

“For room modes below 50Hz, the AVAA seems to be the secret weapon for me. And the price of around 2000 EUR can be absolutely right if you calculate the amount of material and, above all, the time that has to be spent on the construction of comparable absorbers. In some control rooms, there is simply not enough space to accommodate a 60cm (2’) or even 1m (3.5’) bass absorber. And if you work remotely from time to time and want to transport your absorbers, the AVAA is unrivaled.”

“The A17-M, while ultra-detailed, is not a sterile or clinical sounding monitor. Their high end is very 3-dimensional, open and neutral rather than “studio-monitor” bright. The midrange is reproduced quite smoothly and flat, and the lows best described as completely unhyped. Unlike many competing monitors in this size range, they do not try and overcompensate for their size and push the low end.”

“The effect of the AVAAs is dramatic and not subtle! The bass became instantly tighter, more defined and evenly balanced throughout the entire space and out into my living room.”

It’s the aural equivalent of looking out of the window instead of at an HD TV screen!

Traditional trapping solutions are compromised: usually, they overdamp a room while trying to fix the bass—and ineffectively at that. The AVAA C20s set a new standard of excellence: most recordings I played benefited greatly, some only subtly—but I never heard any negative artifacts.

PSI Audio’s A21M monitor (and the A17M too). In short, these speakers are extraordinary and deliver a level of performance and accuracy that vanishingly few two‑way designs can match, and which would shame a great many three‑way offerings.

Der A-25M ist ein zu 100% professioneller Studiomonitor mit einem eigenen, sehr subtilen Charakter. In der Summe liefert diese Abhöre eine hervorragende Auflösung – und zwar von weit unten bis nach ganz oben. Jedes Detail wird entlarvt, und dabei wirken die Monitore niemals aufdringlich oder zu “über-analytisch”, sodass auch über längere Zeiträume hinaus stressfrei gearbeitet bzw. im meinem Fall “genossen” werden kann.

Felix Klostermann, A25-M tested by Bonedo

Der A 14-M ist im besten Sinn ein unauffälliger Nahfeldmonitor. Klanglich ausgewogen, mit hoher Detailauflösung, sehr gutem Impulsverhalten und präziser Ortungsschärfe, entpuppt sich der Alpenzwerg als nüchternes Abhör-Werkzeug, das sich besonders für Surround-Setups, Ü-Wagen oder beengte Studioumgebungen empfiehlt.

The sound is very detailed, a lot of transients, very detailed in the highend, imaging is very accurate. You can hear compression artefacts crystal clear…

In use, you forget about how good they sound and start to appreciate them as a tool of trade. I loved them for tracking; their crisp transients and transparency get you right inside the sounds. The power and volume give you the dynamics and detail you need for tracking drums and other loud sources. The tweeter is a cracker at all volumes. And they’re perfect for giving the band a bit of a thrill on playback too.

I listened to the A-17-Ms for over 200 hours. If they were the only speaker that I had, I could live with them since they do many of the things that are essential to me: accuracy, dynamics, detail, and the ability to convey the emotion of music. If you get the chance to hear the A-17-Ms I recommend that you do so

Overall, I found PSI’s AVAA active bass absorbers to be highly effective and easy to use, and there’s no doubt that they are considerably more compact and easier to install than any equivalent passive acoustic bass-trap panels.

I don’t know how many unicorns PSI Audio had to milk to fill up this 20” tall box full of magic. Actually, it’s not really a milk box; it’s more like a wedge of Swiss cheese.

Ai-je touché mes propres limites avec ces enceintes ? Absolument ! Il est des rencontres qu’on fait parfois un peu trop tard. Ça aurait pu être le grand amour voilà quelques années et mon parcours audiophile aurait été tout autre. Maintenant que j’ai eu certaines expériences j’accepte l’imperfection et la spécificité de certains maillons avec calme.

Der Standlautsprecher A 215-M von PSI Audio ist ein Studio-Monitor der Spitzenklasse, der mit seiner neutralen Abstimmung gepaart mit einer sehr guten Feindynamik und überdurchschnittlichem Impulsverhalten bei einer exzellenten Raumdarstellung und tiefen, präzisen Bässen auch anspruchsvolle Ohren überzeugt. Sowohl zum Mischen als auch fürs Mastering ist der Schweizer eine nachhaltige Empfehlung wert.

Im Bassbereich zeigte sich das Stand- modell souverän, mit konturierten, trocke- nen Tiefen, die trotz Bassreflex-Design den Eindruck der Signatur eines geschlosse- nen Gehäuses hinterließen.