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PSI Audio AVAA C214 digital active bass trap

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Useful links

This is the homepage of the PSI Audio website.

AVAA C214 webpage
Thisis the AVAA C214 page on our website.

AVAA Technology
Understand why we created the AVAA Technology which is behind our active bass traps.

You can find useful information or videos in our blog dedicated to the AVAA.

Room modes
Understand everything about room modes on Wikipedia.

Technical support

You will find all the necessary answers on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Download the complete User Manual
The user manual will help you connect your AVAA C214, as well as facilitate its installation.

Register your AVAA C214
By registering your product, you benefit from an extra year of support.

Support request
If you encounter a problem for which you can’t find a solution in our FAQ, you can submit a case to us.

Optional mounting feet

The mounting feet allow you to easily install an AVAA C214 on a wall, ceiling or simply position it horizontally on the floor.
The assembly remains very compact.

AVAA C214 with mounting feet


Here you can find the dimensions of the AVAA C214 and the optional feet.

AVAA C214 dimensions

We hope you enjoy your AVAA C214.

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