PSI Audio offers a wide range of products for the broadcast industry. The models A14-M Broadcast, A17-M, A21-M, A25-M and A214-M can all be fitted with grilles to protect the membranes and special brackets to mount them onto walls or stands. Thus they provide maximum sound precision even in very confined spaces such as OB vans. Enhanced by subwoofers A125-M or A225-M, the monitors provide a full, flat frequency range and perfect phase response that makes it easy to build even complex speaker setups and change between studios. The vivid stereo image represents perfect sound placement in both stereo and surround, while the quality of the reproduction allows for long listening sessions without breaks. With an active bass trap AVAA C20, a PSI Audio broadcast system maximizes productivity, speed and efficiency while sporting a very small footprint.

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  • PSI Audio provides sound for broadcast professionals
  • Impeccable workhorses for the audio industry
  • Listen longer, listen deeper
  • Designed for professionals
  • Compact room acoustics: AVAA C20
  • Partners for life
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Yverdon-les-Bains, 7th March 2018 – In broadcast, time is paramount. Being able to make decisions quickly and precisely can make all the difference. For this reason, broadcast stations around the world use monitors from Swiss manufacturer PSI Audio. From RTS, Swiss National Radio and TV, to Nippon Television Network Corporation in Japan, from ORF in Austria to Czech Radio and RTBF in Belgium – where precision is required, engineers trust in PSI Audio. The broadcast specific range of products from Switzerland makes their integration into existing work environments easy while at the same time enabling engineers to work consistently with less breaks.

Impeccable workhorses for the audio industry

PSI Audio monitors are specifically developed to act as tools for the audio trade. They are not made to please the ear or to establish their own unique sound characteristics – they are made to reproduce sound in the most accurate way possible. The monitors employ the CPR (Compensated Phase Response) technology to achieve faultless sound placement. Due to the precise manufacturing and meticulous calibration in the PSI Audio manufacture, building perfectly matched setups of any size is particularly easy. For surround setups, for example, mixing and matching models from the PSI Audio portfolio will still result in flawless sound reproduction. The very same consistency between models and individual speakers also aids working with changing workplaces, as any set of PSI Audio speakers will provide the same balance and stereo image.

Listen longer, listen deeper

The balanced, transparent sound of PSI Audio monitor speakers puts very little strain on the listener’s ears. This reduces the fatigue experienced when listening for longer during intense sessions, enabling users to extend working periods without compromising the reliability of their judgements. For ideal sound reproduction, any PSI Audio monitor can be enhanced with one of the two subwoofer models A125-M or A225-M to round off the full spectrum in the bass frequencies.

Designed for professionals

The broadcasting industry challenges speakers in more ways than just sound. Monitor installation is often difficult, for example. Many broadcast applications will not allow for dedicated speaker stands, or may even require the speakers to be fixed in place, like in OB vans. PSI Audio answers these demands with flexible bracket solutions that enable fitting the speakers to walls, stands or metallic supports, and support both vertical and horizontal orientation. Optional grilles protect the membranes from damage in applications where there can be a lot of movement around the speakers. For perfect integration into specific work environments, the speakers are available in any colour of the RAL spectrum to fit in with interior design or the brand CI.

Compact room acoustics: AVAA C20

Spatial restrictions are a challenge for speaker placement – as they are for room acoustics. Room modes in particular are a big problem for listening environments and usually require extensive use of absorbers. PSI Audio solves this problem differently: The Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber AVAA C20 treats resonant frequencies in the typically troublesome range from 15 to 150 Hz. It does not need to be tuned to any specific frequency but rather deals with every resonance in its range, and it does so as efficiently as classic acoustic modules 25 times its size.


Partners for life

PSI Audio products are built to last. This is partly due to their exceptional build quality, with every speaker being handcrafted in the company’s own manufacture in Switzerland. Another reason for the products’ longevity is the entirely analogue technology used in the speakers’ design – there is no firmware that would need updating, no digital formats that will be outdated within a few years. It is signal in, sound out. Plus, due to the sonic consistency between individual speakers, it is easy to replace a speaker – should it be required – without having to recalibrate the whole setup. PSI Audio speakers are a long term investment.