PSI Audio A25-M Update: new EXD driver technology for ultimate accuracy

PSI Audio introduces the new version of flagship three-way speaker A25-M. Apart from the flow guide established with the A23-M and a larger, more powerful woofer engine, the A25-M boasts an entirely new midrange driver. The Extended Dome Driver (EXD) combines dome and cone constructions, effectively offering the best of both worlds in the process. The new driver system is still mounted to a rotatable baffle to enable vertical or horizontal speaker placement at optimum dispersion. Combined with proprietary PSI Audio technologies like the Class G/H amplifiers, CPR, AOI and ALG, the EXD in the all-analogue A25-M achieves the most precise sound reproduction possible.

PSI Audio and the three ways to perfection

The PSI Audio A25-M is an active three-way monitor speaker that comprises all the innovative technology and the ultra-precise sound the Swiss manufacturer is esteemed for. With its intricate, 100% analogue design, the A25-M achieves outstanding accuracy for audio professionals, providing the Precision Sound Image the company wears as a badge of honour. And yet, PSI Audio found three ways to improve the A25-M even further: by employing the flow guide established with the A23-M; by fitting a new woofer engine with a more powerful magnet; and by creating an entirely new driver for the midrange, the Extended Dome Driver (EXD).

New EXD midrange driver combines dome and cone

For the A25-M update, PSI Audio developed a midrange driver that amalgamates the most established driver types: dome and cone. The Extended Dome Driver (EXD) retains the positive aspects of both construction types while eliminating the negatives. When applied to the midrange, dome drivers tend to become either unstable in the middle of the dome, or too heavy due to more rigid material being used, and they can only ever offer a very limited bandwidth in the low end. Cone drivers, on the other hand, pose a relatively large weight in their composition of membrane, dust cap, spider and suspension, which limits SPL and can cause distortion. They also restrict airflow with heavy basket designs. Even the dust cap can add distortion to the reproduction. The EXD midrange driver developed for the A25-M, however, combines a 4-inch, latex-and-carbon-infused paper cone membrane with a light polypropylene dome. Both are directly connected to the voice coil. With the dimensions and weight ratio of coil and membranes optimised in this way, the EXD offers higher SPL at lower distortion, pushing the new A25-M even closer towards perfect accuracy. Furthermore the new driver is built directly onto the rotatable baffle with no basket at all.

Your turn: variable driver mounting for flexibility

Some speaker setups require the monitor speakers to stand upright, others need them to lay on their sides – and the PSI Audio A25-M accommodates both. While normal speakers would be compromised in their dispersion characteristics by being placed inappropriately, the A25-M features a rotatable baffle on which the tweeter and the EXD midrange driver are mounted. If the speaker needs to be set up on its side, the high-frequency dispersion provided by the ALG (Acoustic Load Guide) can easily be fixed by simply turning the baffle as required, making the A25-M adaptable to pretty much any studio environment.

Swiss precision technology

In its over 40 years of constant development, PSI Audio has created and perfected a number of innovative technologies that all contribute to the outstanding clarity and accuracy characteristic of the comprehensive range of monitor speakers. Powered by proprietary Class G/H amplifiers, with CPR (Compensated Phase Response) straightening the phase response and AOI (Adaptive Output Impedance) monitoring driver movement and increasing reproduction precision, the A25-M is the ultimate listening tool for professional mixing and mastering.