PSI Audio celebrates 45th anniversary with Boris Blank and Philippe Weiss

Boris Blank and Philippe Weiss will speak at the 45 th anniversary celebration of PSI Audio. Boris Blank, who was recently awarded the Grand Prix Suisse de Musique, will speak about his work with Yello, his approach to sound and where he sees his music in the future. Philippe Weiss, recently awarded a Grammy for mixing the latest Black Coffee album, will give insights into his way to success, working with international superstars like Madonna, Drake, Alicia Keys and David Guetta. The talks will be held on 27 th October 2022 in Yverdon-les-Bains and require a registration through the PSI Audio website. The manufacturer will also open its doors on the 28 th and 29 th to everyone interested to see how the Swiss precision speakers are made and to hear how they reproduce sound.

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  • PSI Audio celebrates 45th anniversary with exclusive celebration
  • Boris Blank and Philippe Weiss speak at anniversary event
  • 45 years of Swiss precision speakers
  • PSI Audio invites everyone to come and see the manufacture

Yverdon-les-Bains, 13th October 2022 – 45 years ago, Alain Roux founded what would become PSI Audio – the studio monitor speaker brand revered across the globe for its impeccably accurate, transparent and natural sound reproduction. The anniversary celebration from 27 th to 29 th October 2022 will feature two illustrious speakers: Boris Blank and Philippe Weiss.

ZHdK: up-to-date education

Being the largest art academy in Switzerland, the Zurich University of the Arts has always built bridges between disciplines. Apart from traditional arts such as dance, theatre, and film, ZHdK also focusses on digital art forms and media production. The university has its own conservatory with a record label, offering courses for sound engineers. With the introduction of a new master’s degree course on sound design, ZHdK decided to put particular emphasis on three-dimensional audio format Dolby Atmos. The obligatory big mixing stage is enhanced by a smaller mixing room with a 7.1.4 speaker setup that reveals every minute detail of an immersive mix – with reliable PSI Audio monitors.

Boris Blank and Philippe Weiss speak at anniversary event

To appropriately celebrate 45 years of PSI Audio, the Swiss manufacturer has announced two prominent speakers. The first is Boris Blank of Yello, who will speak about his inspirations, his way of working through changing technology and the future of his music. The pioneer of electronic music is always on the lookout for the special sounds for his characteristic style of creating music – a style recently awarded with the Grand Prix Suisse de Musique 2022. Philippe Weiss may be less well-known to the general public, his work is hugely popular, however. The Swiss-born sound engineer has worked with artists such as Madonna, Drake, Charles Aznavour, Bastian Baker, Alicia Keys, Erik Truffaz and David Guetta and recently won a Grammy award for mixing the album “Subconsciously” by Black Coffee. Philippe Weiss will speak about his career path, the pitfalls to avoid when working as a sound engineer, how to work with big names like Madonna and how to successfully conduct business among artists.

45 years of Swiss precision speakers

Boris Blank and Philippe Weiss are but two examples of audio professionals who cherish sound and are cherished by audiophiles around the world – which is why they are the perfect speakers for a PSI Audio event. Like Blank and Weiss, PSI Audio aims for sonic perfection, for the unblemished reproduction of sound not marred by compromise. The all-analogue designs are minutely designed and built in the company’s own workshop, and every single product is painstakingly calibrated in the anechoic chamber before it leaves the house. The amount of care and work invested in PSI Audio speakers is breathtaking – as is the experience of listening to music through the Swiss precision speakers.

PSI Audio invites everyone to come and see the manufacture

One chance to delve into the depths of proper audio reproduction presents itself with the 45 th anniversary celebrations in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, from 27 th to 29 th October 2022. The 27 th will feature Boris Blank and Philippe Weiss, while on 28 th and 29 th , PSI Audio opens the doors to its manufacture, gives tours and holds listening sessions in the company’s showroom. To attend the talks by Boris Blank and Philippe Weiss, people need to register here.

About PSI Audio

For 45 years, Swiss company Relec SA manufactures high- quality systems for professional audio reproduction. The company’s brand PSI Audio is firmly established in the field of studio speakers. The brand’s philosophy: 100 percent analogue circuitry without DSP, top quality through manufacturing in the company’s own facilities – and absolutely accurate reproduction. PSI Audio speakers play exactly what is present in the music, not adding anything to it or leaving anything out. With its active bass trap AVAA C20, PSI Audio also revolutionizes room acoustics.