The PSI Audio A21-M is a part of pro audio history. Ever since its inception as Studer A3 in 1996, this studio monitor has defined engineers’ expectations regarding clarity and purity of sound. The new iteration of the legendary reference speaker can even improve on the qualities of its predecessors. A powerful new driver and optimisations in the crossover filters and adaptive output impedance enable higher maximum sound pressure levels without sacrificing the impeccably faithful reproduction. Handmade in the company’s manufacture in Switzerland, the A21-M satisfies the highest demands on quality.

The contents of this press release

  • PSI Audio revise legendary A21-M studio monitor
  • A legend reborn: PSI Audio A21-M V4
  • Speaker with a history
  • Improved by experience
  • Developed and built in Switzerland
  • Availability and price

Yverdon-les-Bains, 8th November 2017 – Swiss studio monitor manufacturer PSI Audio updates its A21-M professional studio monitor. With a new and more powerful driver and optimisations to filters and impedance, the A21-M V4 marks the pinnacle of more than 20 years of continuous improvement. Handmade and measured in Yverdon-les-Bains in Switzerland, the speaker combines outstanding sound with exceptional build quality to form the most accurate two-way monitor.

A legend reborn: PSI Audio A21-M V4

The origins of the A21-M date back to the year 1996 when PSI Audio produced the speaker then known as A3 under the “Studer Professional” brand. Since then, more than 10,000 A3 and A21 monitors have been sold. And PSI Audio has continually improved the speakers over the last 20 years, always striving for that little extra in purity and clarity. The fourth version of the A21-M boasts a number of small improvements to achieve exactly that. The main aim was to increase the maximum sound pressure level and frequency range while retaining the natural sound reproduction the speaker is known for. To this avail, a new powerful driver was integrated and modifications were made to filters and the adaptive output impedance.

Speaker with a history

The long history of the A21 has seen many optimisations and improvements over the past 20 years. In 2003, the PSI Audio A21/2 incorporated the technology previously sold as Studer A3 in a PSI Audio cabinet for the first time. In 2006, the A21-M equipped the monitor with a polypropylene membrane to improve consistency and durability. The following iterations saw modifications to the filters for wider dispersion (A21-M V2, 2009), the use of class G amplification (V3, 2010) and a new woofer frame and cabinet design (V3, 2015). Since all PSI products are developed and built by hand in the company’s own manufacture in Yverdon-les-Bains in Switzerland, small improvements and optimisations can be realized immediately without waiting for a new big model launch. A PSI Audio monitor is always up to date when leaving the workshop.

Improved by experience

As much as the PSI Audio team relies on its expertise and vision, it also appreciates external feedback. In the final development stages of the new upgrade, a group of users was brought in to test prototypes in their own working environments. These testers were chosen to include both users of earlier A21-M versions (V2 and V3) and users of other brands of monitors. Whatever their background, the A21-M V4 exceeded their already high expectations. The A21-M draws ever closer to sonic perfection.

Developed and built in Switzerland

To ensure the preservation of this sonic perfection, PSI Audio builds all its speakers in its very own manufacture in the Swiss city of Yverdon-les-Bains. Every aspect of the A21-M has been conceived, developed, measured and built by the team of specialists working there. From the overall concept to the finest details, the A21-M is completely handmade in Switzerland.