New subwoofer A125-M by PSI Audio brings the Swiss manufacturer’s trademark precision to the lowest frequencies. Covering the range of 28 Hz to 90 Hz, the A125-M delivers 150 Watts of accurate acoustic power. Meticulously optimised for uncoloured reproduction of sound, the subwoofer synergizes perfectly with PSI Audio studio monitors. Combining the A125-M with A14-M, A17-M or A21-M precision monitors creates a linear frequency and phase response across the whole spectrum, granting the listener a flawless sonic image.


The contents of this press release

  • PSI Audio presents compact subwoofer A125-M
  • Precision for the bass spectrum
  • A125-M: the perfect upgrade for PSI Audio systems
  • Full range for accurate reproduction
  • Price and availability

Yverdon-les-Bains, 10th Januar 2017 – PSI Audio seeks to enhance the already powerful bass performance of their nearfield systems by adding a new compact subwoofer to its portfolio. The A125-M has been created to synergize perfectly with the Swiss manufacturer’s monitors. At 150 Watts of power and a frequency range beginning at 28 Hz, it adds impact to listening setups without colouring the sound.

Precision for the bass spectrum

Whether in music recording or film postproduction, controlling the bass frequencies is extremely important for great sound. While PSI Audio monitors like the A14-M, A17-M and A21-M already provide a very concise low end, the A125-M subwoofer enhances the frequency spectrum of both stereo and surround setups to cover material as low as 28 Hz. With its efficient and transparent class G amplifier, the A125-M allows for massive SPL levels while retaining the original sound of the source material. The detailed, faithful reproduction qualifies this subwoofer for professional work environments, where precision is paramount.

A125-M: the perfect upgrade for PSI Audio systems

The PSI Audio A125-M compact subwoofer has been optimised to work in perfect harmony with the Swiss manufacturer’s monitors. Combine the A125-M with a set of A14-M, A17-M or A21-M speakers and engage their 90 Hz bass roll-off filters, and the resulting frequency response is completely flat and linear over the whole spectrum. The subwoofer’s upper frequency limit perfectly corresponds to the monitors’ roll-off frequency, which turns 90 Hz into a kind of crossover frequency. Set up like this, the A125-M is less of an individual speaker and more of an additional way enhancing the monitors.

Full range for accurate reproduction

PSI Audio is well known for painstakingly engineering its products to provide the most accurate sonic reproduction possible. With its enormous precision, PSI Audio subwoofers are popular in classical and acoustic music. In these genres, pinpoint accuracy in both frequency and phase is particularly important as the low frequency spectrum is paramount for instrument recognition. With its qualities, the A125-M gains appreciation even from subwoofer sceptics.