AVAA C20 review by Jochen Schulz

Active vs passive absorbers – AVAA C20 review by Jochen Schulz

Wouldn’t it be nice if you only had to put a few small boxes in the corners instead of cubic meters of rock wool, and within a few minutes you would have eliminated all room modes? Perfect acoustics at the push of a button?

AVAA C20 White- review by Jochen Schulz

This is exactly what the AVAA C20 (Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber) from PSI Audio promises. It looks like a loudspeaker and actually contains one inside. But it does not serve as a sound source in the conventional sense, but aims exclusively at reducing the low-frequency reverberation – more precisely between 15Hz and 150Hz. And with that, it takes on one of the tasks that we usually solve with mineral wool.