What is RT60

Reverberation time, also known as RT60, measures the time it takes for sound to decay in a room after turning off the sound source. It defines the time required for the sound pressure level to decrease by 60 decibels (dB) from its initial level.

Evaluating a space’s sound quality, reverberation time is an essential parameter for room acoustics. A short reverberation time means the sound quickly decays, resulting in a dry and intimate acoustic environment. This environment is desirable for speech intelligibility and recording studios. Conversely, a long reverberation time means the sound takes longer to decay, resulting in a more spacious and immersive acoustic environment, which is desirable for music performance and concert halls.

The room’s size, shape, acoustic properties, and presence of absorbent or reflective surfaces influence RT60. Acoustic treatment can adjust the RT60 of a room to achieve the desired acoustic environment.

For any passive object to interact with a specific wavelength, its size needs to be approximately one-quarter of the wavelength. This makes it challenging to treat low frequencies using any passive device to reduce RT60.

In this case, AVAA technology effectively absorbs low frequencies with a small surface area.

RT60 - source: nti-audio.com