A21-M V4


A Legend is born... again.   First introduced in 1992 under the "Studer Professional" brand, the A3, as it was formerly called, was intended to be the most accurate 2-way monitor on the market. For this purpose, we developed unique analog technology, compensated the phase response and created the best-adapted amplification for each driver. Over [...]

A21-M V42017-12-19T22:46:36+01:00

Introduction of Class G amplifiers


After many years of research for the best amplification, Class G (Class G/H) seemed to be the most appropriate in terms of high power with low dissipation. Class G/H uses multiple power supply rails of various voltages, seamlessly switching to a higher voltage when the audio signal requires it and seamlessly switching back to lower [...]

Introduction of Class G amplifiers2017-12-22T11:10:56+01:00
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