AVAA C214 – the digital active bass trap


PSI Audio AVAA C214 revolutionizes again After the launch of the first successful 100% analog active bass trap, the AVAA C20, in 2016, we asked ourselves how to go further with this technology. In order to make this technology evolve, the only possible option was DSP programming. Thanks to the DSP, we will be able [...]

AVAA C214 – the digital active bass trap2023-05-01T10:59:10+02:00

New A21-M (2022) featuring handmade tweeter


PSI Audio A21-M features tweeter update for absolute fidelity PSI Audio introduces an updated version of the popular A21-M studio monitor featuring a new tweeter. The new model replaces the previously externally sourced tweeter with one entirely developed and built in the Swiss company’s own manufacture. Outperforming the old version in terms of sound pressure [...]

New A21-M (2022) featuring handmade tweeter2023-03-08T11:33:19+01:00

New A17-M (2021) featuring handmade tweeter


Nearfield champion A17-M For many professionals, the PSI Audio A17-M is the monitor of choice for nearfield applications. While relatively compact in size, the speaker design allows for an impressive frequency range from 43 Hz to 23 kHz – all analogue and without digital trickery. More importantly, this frequency range is reproduced as accurately as [...]

New A17-M (2021) featuring handmade tweeter2022-01-10T17:40:50+01:00

New A25-M (2021) featuring EXD


PSI Audio A25-M Update: new EXD driver technology for ultimate accuracy PSI Audio introduces the new version of flagship three-way speaker A25-M. Apart from the flow guide established with the A23-M and a larger, more powerful woofer engine, the A25-M boasts an entirely new midrange driver. The Extended Dome Driver (EXD) combines dome and cone [...]

New A25-M (2021) featuring EXD2021-02-02T11:36:48+01:00

New version of A14-M v3 : the smallest PSI Audio monitor now with a 100% homemade tweeter


With its improved performance and even greater fidelity, the new A14-M extends the PSI Audio product range of high-precision active monitor speakers. The new model replaces the previously externally manufactured tweeter with a specially developed driver, which is manufactured entirely in PSI Audio's own factory. While the A14-M was already popular with smaller studios and [...]

New version of A14-M v3 : the smallest PSI Audio monitor now with a 100% homemade tweeter2021-02-02T11:13:01+01:00

A23-M – Three ways to perfection


Three ways to perfection: PSI Audio A23-M PSI Audio studio monitors are held in high regard among sound professionals. The A25-M three-way monitor is particularly praised for its accurate, mastering grade audio reproduction. PSI Audio expands on these strengths and creates a more compact three-way design to harness all the potential of the three-way system [...]

A23-M – Three ways to perfection2021-02-02T11:35:28+01:00

Livebox – the first audiophile speaker with built-in «Crosstalk Cancellation» audio treatment


The so called binaural technology, which is the base for the LIVEBOX,  has a long history. Decades ago many live or radio drama recordings have been made using a dummy head microphone (shown below). This head has microphones built into its ears, which allow to record an event in a similar way a listener would [...]

Livebox – the first audiophile speaker with built-in «Crosstalk Cancellation» audio treatment2018-01-18T12:13:49+01:00

A21-M V4


A Legend is born... again.   First introduced in 1992 under the "Studer Professional" brand, the A3, as it was formerly called, was intended to be the most accurate 2-way monitor on the market. For this purpose, we developed unique analog technology, compensated the phase response and created the best-adapted amplification for each driver. Over [...]

A21-M V42017-12-19T22:46:36+01:00
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