Berlin-based producer, mixing and mastering engineer Lex Barkey has been awarded multiple gold, platinum and even diamond awards trusting in precision monitors A21-M by PSI Audio. He particularly enjoys being able to work for extended periods of time without fatigue while profiting from the nearfield speakers’ generous sweet spot and their incredibly precise reproduction of even the smallest details.

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  • Lex Barkey mixes and masters with PSI Audio
  • Mix, master, triumph: Lex Barkey
  • The step forward: PSI Audio A21-M
  • The end of ear fatigue
  • Precision to the smallest details
  • Full freedom of movement, no sound loss
  • Gold standard for platinum productions

Yverdon-les-Bains, 16th May 2018 – Producer, mixing and mastering engineer Lex Barkey from Berlin is among the most successful music creators in Germany. His golden ears have won him widespread respect and numerous gold, platinum and diamond awards. His listening tools of choice are the exceptionally precise PSI Audio A21-M.

Mix, master, triumph: Lex Barkey

Lex Barkey has been refining pop, dance and hip hop productions in his studio in Berlin-Treptow for years. His work for chart topping artists like Felix Jaehn and his multitude of gold, platinum and even one diamond award attest to his outstanding mixing and mastering skills. His reputation even expands across the ocean, leading to first projects coming in from the USA. After extensive testing, Lex Barkey chose a pair of PSI Audio A21-M as his monitors. “I have tried so many setups,” Lex Barkey comments on his choice, “but nothing sounds like the PSI Audio speakers.”

The step forward: PSI Audio A21-M

The decision for new speakers was made when Lex Barkey moved his studio. “I put some serious effort into the new room concerning acoustics,” the engineer recounts. “I was actually fairly happy with my former speakers, but they were amateur level and I figured it was time to move a step forward.” Of all the different speakers on trial, the PSI Audio A21-M immediately stood out. Lex Barkey was and still is amazed: “At first I could hardly comprehend what I heard. These speakers are incredible! So detailed, so accurate!” The logical consequence: The PSI Audio A21-M never left the studio again and were subsequently involved in the perfection of hit singles and chart success records. The immensely precise nearfield monitors from Switzerland provide Lex Barkey with the acoustic insight he requires for perfect results: “These speakers have enhanced my listening a lot.”

The end of ear fatigue

When asked for a particular strength of his PSI Audio A21-M, Lex Barkey mentions, without hesitation, how easy the speakers are on the ears even in long listening sessions. “They do not sound awful, they just unveil each and every flaw in a mix, but they do so in a very gentle way. And I love them for that.” Less strain on the ears means that even long studio days are no problem for Lex Barkey and his PSI Audio speakers: “I had 18-hour days when a project was due, and it still worked.” These speakers are real workhorses then, hiding nothing, yet still not fatiguing the listener’s ears. Lex Barkey is certain: “This is just perfect for me.”

Precision to the smallest details

PSI Audio is renowned for the proverbial Swiss precision the active studio monitors exhibit. Lex Barkey was still astonished by how detailed the speakers’ breathtaking accuracy actually was. “Before, I used to work in a band in the highs,” the mastering professional explains. “Like between 10 and 12 kHz, for example, or between 8 and 10 kHz.” But this changed with the A21-M: “Suddenly, I would arrive at 11.3 kHz, and even 11.2 kHz would sound wrong.”

Full freedom of movement, no sound loss

Lex Barkey knows another huge advantage of the PSI Audio A21-M: “The sweet spot! That wonderfully wide sweet spot!” Especially in studios that work with outboard gear and analogue equipment, the mixing or mastering engineer cannot remain motionless in one precisely defined place. “You might lean over the desk, and with my former speakers, the sound would then change considerably,” Lex Barkey reports on his experiences. “With the A21-M, I can walk around in circles and have the same sound everywhere.”

Gold standard for platinum productions

For Lex Barkey, PSI Audio A21-M are the definitive working monitors. The exceptional precision and accuracy of the entirely analogue loudspeakers allow the engineer to hear and assess every detail without compromise. “Some monitors colour the sound and make everything sound great,” Lex Barkey says. “You cannot work on such speakers, they will not show you flaws.” The PSI Audio A21-M, on the other hand, will mercilessly unveil all imperfections. With these speakers, Lex Barkey can properly judge every detail of a production and add the finishing touches to a sound perfectly.