PSI Audio presents its active bass trap AVAA C20, its precision monitors like the A21-M and the subwoofer A125-M at Musikmesse 2018 from 11th through 14th April in Frankfurt, Germany. A special treat for visitors is the listening room PSI Audio will operate from 10th to 13th April at the Maritim hotel just outside the trade show grounds. Visitors will be able to listen to the accurate monitor speakers as well as experience the efficiency of AVAA against room modes. PSI Audio can be found at the booth of German distributor Audiowerk in hall 4.1, booth H52.

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  • PSI Audio presents precision monitors and active basstrap
  • A farewell to room modes: AVAA C20
  • Precision monitoring from Switzerland
  • Listen yourself: The PSI Audio experience
  • PSI Audio at Musikmesse 2018

Yverdon-les-Bains, 22nd March 2018 – During this year’s Musikmesse, PSI Audio will not only be exhibiting its range of precise studio monitors and the renowned active bass trap AVAA C20. Visitors will also have the chance to hear the Swiss manufacturer’s products in action. At Maritim hotel, located right next to the trade show grounds, PSI Audio will have a room prepared for showcasing its monitoring prowess as well as the outstanding efficiency of the AVAA system. Visitors will find PSI Audio at the Audiowerk booth in hall 4.1, booth H52.

A farewell to room modes: AVAA C20

While well known in the industry for creating the most precise active analogue studio monitors possible, PSI Audio did get a lot of attention over the last couple of years for its innovative AVAA system. The Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber revolutionised the way room modes are treated in acoustically delicate surroundings. While relatively small in size, the AVAA C20 treats the frequency range from 15 to 150 Hz as efficiently as traditional acoustic elements up to 25 times the size. It also does not require any form of tuning to specific frequencies – when a room mode occurs, the AVAA just eliminates it across its whole range of operation. Despite its enormous efficiency, the system remains comparatively small and does not need to be fixed to a certain location, so it can be moved for optimisation and adaptation to changing circumstances. Getting rid of room modes has never been easier.

Precision monitoring from Switzerland

To take full advantage of the acoustically optimised room aided by the AVAA C20, only the most accurate studio monitors are appropriate. Luckily, PSI Audio has gained both expertise and a reputation for the incredible precision of its analogue active speakers over its 40 years of development and manufacturing. All this experience is employed to continually improve and hone the speakers, as proven by the latest iteration of the A21-M. Initially developed as “A3” for the famous Studer brand, the original concept has been tweaked, tuned and upgraded over the years to always keep the speaker up to date with recent developments. So even after more than 20 years in the market, the A21-M is a modern monitoring solution. As is the A125-M subwoofer that perfectly enhances the A21-M (and any other studio monitor, for that matter) in the low frequency spectrum. Reaching as low as 28 Hz, the A125-M delivers the same sonic accuracy users have come to expect from the Swiss manufacturer.

Listen yourself: The PSI Audio experience

A true judgement of sound can only ever be made by ear. PSI Audio understands this and offers the chance to properly listen to its precision monitors in the course of Musikmesse 2018. A special room at the Maritim hotel, located just outside the trade show grounds of Messe Frankfurt and easily reachable on foot, grants auditory access to the revealing world of PSI Audio monitoring. A particular treat is the chance to hear the AVAA C20 work in an environment that was not specifically designed to acoustic standards, highlighting the efficiency of the compact system.

PSI Audio at Musikmesse 2018

Musikmesse 2018 takes place in Frankfurt, Germany, from 11th to 14th April 2018. PSI Audio can be found at the booth of German distributor Audiowerk in hall 4.1, booth H52. The listening room will be just outside the trade show grounds at Maritim hotel, Theodor-Heuss-Allee 3, 60486 Frankfurt am Main.