Project Description

In the Vondelpark, you can find a beautiful 19th century building that, up to a few years ago, housed the Amsterdam Film Museum. Since 2014 it has been put into use for various media-related activities.

In the AVROTROS On Air studio, live shows are presented under the name of KX Radio. The second, larger studio is used on a day to day basis, by different national broadcasters. Besides regular radio shows, live shows are recorded in multi-track format and mixed, to find their way to several FM ether frequencies.

Though the equipment used is state of the art, there was a general dislike where it concerned the audio monitors. For this reason, Peter belt, Head RTV Engineering, contacted us with the question if he could test a pair of PSI Audio A21M. This was our cue and before long we placed a pair of Swiss monitors in their studio. It took no longer than a week before we received the verdict: A double thumbs up.

Peter Belt: “I am really very happy with these new monitors. Most of all because the people that need to work with them are so enthusiastic. More than once I heard people exclaim they sound so honest.

Depending on the time of day, you hear different sorts of music in this studio. The great thing is these PSI’s can handle any kind of music. Whether it is classical, jazz, pop, rock or hip-hop. They make your work so much easier. We mostly employ freelance engineers here, that all are highly educated. They all have their specific view on what good sound should be. And despite that, they’re all happy with the sound of these new monitors”.