Swiss brand PSI Audio has long been dedicated to the development and manufacture of high-end studio monitors, subwoofers and active bass traps. For its products, PSI Audio develops its own transducers and manufactures all the mid range drivers and tweeters in their own workshops. PSI Audio is a pioneer of new technologies and holds notable patents.

It achieves ultimate quality by pushing standard technologies to perfection, but fundamentally without the use of any DSP. Jazz musician and sound engineer Luboš Brtáň has expanded his A21-M main monitors with the A125-M subwoofer. We were interested in how he works with this new set-up and how his work with sound has improved.

“I bought the PSI A125-M subwoofer to increase the range of my A21-M main monitors. These work beautifully and basically don’t need any sub as they play down to 38 Hz. But the sub fills the low end beautifully and frees the A21-M from the bass, so the speakers only take care of the mids and highs. This cleans up the already brilliant mids even more. The sound is full in the entire frequency range, but at the same time very dry, analytical and will reveal even the smallest problems in the mix. I have never heard such a perfect stereo image with any speakers. It took a bit of fiddling with the placement of the subwoofer, but once you find the sweetspot, it’s there!

PSI Audio are not exactly cheap monitors, but I don’t regret a single Euro I invested in them. Of course, to show them in their full glory they need good room acoustics, but that goes for all monitors. Working with the sound is a joy, compression a breeze and one can hear even a minimal change in EQ. A very important point is that PSI Audio monitors have super soft highs, so I can work with them all day without ear fatigue. I definitely recommend them.”

 – Luboš Brtáň

Who is Luboš Brtáň?

He studied composition at the Bratislava Conservatory and jazz guitar at the Kunst Universität Graz. He attended the workshops of J. Abercombie, W. Muthspiel, B. Mintzer, A. Nusbaum and others. He is currently an active studio and concert musician and works as a producer and mix/mastering engineer in his studio ELBI.