Mark Baechle is a Swiss-born, New York-based composer, orchestrator and music producer. Most recently he composed the score to a four-part documentary series (Tending Nature, co-written with Marcus Bagala).

He’s a sought-after arranger and orchestrator and has worked with well-known composers such as Elliot Goldenthal, John Corigliano, David Newman, Clint Mansell etc. Among his recent orchestration work is the Oscar-nominated film Judas and the Black Messiah.


Mark uses a pair of A-17 M’s in his main studio and keeps a pair of A-14 M’s on his secondary workstation: “I was introduced to PSI Audio by my friend, Geneva-based songwriter Toby May. I first heard them at the annual AES convention in New York, where they had a booth as well as a quiet listening room. Of course I was intrigued because they’re Swiss and I’m an audiophile, having previously used products by PSI Audio’s competitors in the high-end speaker market.


I was immediately struck by the clarity and transparency of the speakers as well as the stereo image. It was a thrilling experience and after the first minute, I was a convert. I don’t think that there is a better, more reliable and pristine speaker out there.


Moreover, my PSI Audio’s have really helped me cope with the long days that are a prerequisite in my industry. I usually work on multiple projects at a time and in a variety of different genres, from orchestral to electronic. I can trust the accuracy of my monitors across a wide array of program material and hence they give me confidence in my process and help me stay fresh.”