“As a sound engineer, I mainly work with voice artists. I record voices for all types of media: TV and radio commercials, documentary, image and animation films, I also record voice-overs and work on movie dubbing. And for all that, the A25-M are just perfect ! I can really focus with extreme accuracy on all the tiny details during the takes and also after the takes – when I clean and take out all the imperfections and undesired noises or frequencies in the voices. It’s great to be able to totally trust what you hear, because all voices are different and need to be treated differently.
And when I work for long hours, for example on a mix for a movie, a TV commercial, or when I edit video footage, the A17-M are just great. I can really work for several hours in a row without any fatigue to my ears. The A17-M are also perfect to listen to a mix or to a cleaned voice as some sort of reference. Most of the time when it sounds good on my A17-M, it sounds good everywhere…
PSI Audio was recommended to me by a friend (the engineer who built my studio) and various sound engineer friends. Before, I was using another brand. It’s been 4 years now that I made the step, and I’m not going back to my older speakers for sure!”
– Julien Wey, Kumquat Sàrl – Studio K, Geneva