PSI Audio at NAMM 2022: premiere for new A21-M studio monitor

PSI Audio will present the updated A21-M studio monitor for the first time on American soil at NAMM 2022 from 3 rd to 5 th June. The precision speaker benefits from its new tweeter that is developed and built entirely in the PSI Audio manufacture in Switzerland. In addition to the A21-M, PSI Audio also showcases solutions for music production, broadcast and immersive audio: the compact A14-M; the larger three-way system A23-M; the precision subwoofer A125-M; and the innovative AVAA C20 active bass trap. Visitors can find PSI Audio together with Eleven Dimensions Media and Zynaptiq in the North Hall of the Anaheim Convention Center, level 1, booth 15102.

The contents of this press release

  • PSI Audio at NAMM 2022
  • US premiere for the new A21-M
  • Swiss precision monitoring on display
  • Best analogue technology immaculately manufactured
  • Quality from the Swiss manufacture
  • Meet PSI Audio at NAMM 2022

Yverdon-les-Bains, 25th May 2022 – PSI Audio is looking forward to coming back to the US for NAMM 2022 – with the new and improved A21-M making its American debut. Visitors find PSI Audio at booth 15102 on level 1 in the North Hall of the Anaheim Convention Center.

US premiere for the new A21-M

PSI Audio recently presented the A21-M in its updated form with its new tweeter. NAMM 2022 marks the first ever display of the new model on American soil. Building on the strengths of its predecessor, the updated A21-M features a tweeter entirely developed and built in the company’s own workshop in Switzerland, and a new flow guide for the bass reflex. Outperforming the previously externally sourced driver in both sound pressure and distortion, the new tweeter elevates the A21-M to the next level. Accurate, natural sound reproduction as close to the original source as possible, that’s the mission of PSI Audio, and the updated A21-M delivers just that – the real thing.

Best analogue technology immaculately manufactured

At the core of the entire range of speakers from PSI Audio is a host of innovative technologies to achieve the outstanding sonic capabilities revered around the world. Compensated Phase Response (CPR) keeps the spectrum aligned, while the Adaptive Output Impedance (AOI) controls the membrane movements and provides detailed, contoured transients. The precision studio monitors are driven by Class G/H amplifiers and completed with meticulously designed wave and flow guides. With all-analogue systems like this, manufacturing needs to be perfect, which is why all PSI Audio products are developed and produced by a team of skilled specialists in the company’s manufacture in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. No-compromise designs, no-compromise manufacturing – no-compromise sound.

Meet PSI Audio at NAMM 2022

Visitors at NAMM 2022 can find PSI Audio together with distributor Eleven Dimensions Media and Zynaptiq at booth 15102 in ACC North, level 1, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The show is open to visitors from 3 rd June to 5 th June 2022.

About PSI Audio

For over 40 years, Swiss company Relec SA manufactures high- quality systems for professional audio reproduction. The company’s brand PSI Audio is firmly established in the field of studio speakers. The brand’s philosophy: 100 percent analogue circuitry without DSP, top quality through manufacturing in the company’s own facilities – and absolutely accurate reproduction. PSI Audio speakers play exactly what is present in the music, not adding anything to it or leaving anything out. With its active bass trap AVAA C20, PSI Audio also revolutionizes room acoustics.