PSI Audio A21-M features tweeter update for absolute fidelity

PSI Audio introduces an updated version of the popular A21-M studio monitor featuring a new tweeter. The new model replaces the previously externally sourced tweeter with one entirely developed and built in the Swiss company’s own manufacture. Outperforming the old version in terms of sound pressure and distortion, the advanced driver takes the A21-M to the next level, inching ever closer to perfectly natural sound reproduction and imaging accuracy. The A21-M combines the new tweeter with proprietary technologies like AOI, CPR and Class G/H power amplifiers. As the largest two-way loudspeaker in the PSI Audio portfolio, the A21-M marks the transition from nearfield to midfield and operates with astonishing precision in both applications.

The contents of this press release

  • PSI Audio presents updated A21-M
  • When only the best will do: in-house manufactured tweeter
  • A21-M: most reliable partner in nearfield and midfield
  • Precision sound technology
  • Quality from the Swiss manufacture
  • About PSI Audio

Yverdon-les-Bains, 11th May 2022 – PSI Audio introduces a new tweeter to the A21-M professional studio monitor. With the new, more powerful driver now hand-built in the company’s own factory, the Swiss loudspeaker manufacturer brings the popular speaker even closer to absolute fidelity. The A21-M combines outstanding sound with exceptional manufacturing quality to create the most precise two-way monitor.

When only the best will do: in-house manufactured tweeter

After the A14-M and the A17-M, the A21-M is the third studio monitor speaker by PSI Audio to be upgraded to the new proprietary tweeter. It is also one of the most storied speakers in the PSI Audio catalogue: originally developed for Studer and constantly updated over the years, the A21-M is a popular choice for broadcast, music production and mixing. From hip hop and EDM producers to electronic music pioneer Boris Blank (Yello), the accurate and powerful two-way speaker enables engineers and artists around the world to deliver their absolute best. Designed from the ground up to complement this already outstanding system, the new tweeter was developed entirely by PSI Audio and is handcrafted in Switzerland. By meticulously controlling every step of production, PSI Audio creates a driver with exceptional sound pressure and linearity while keeping distortion to a minimum. Since the market has nothing comparable to offer, the new A21-M is in a class of its own – the real thing.

A21-M: most reliable partner in nearfield and midfield

PSI Audio studio monitors enjoy an excellent reputation among audio professionals. Like other PSI Audio models, the A21-M two-way monitor is revered for its accurate reproduction in all kinds of mixing and mastering situations. With the new tweeter, the largest two-way speaker in the PSI Audio line-up comes even closer to sonic perfection. Additionally, the updated version also features the flow guide established with A23-M and A25-M. One of the most powerful two-way speakers on the market, the A21-M always stays true to the source material, revealing every subtle detail and the full sonic richness of sophisticated soundscapes to the trained ears of discerning listeners. It is as close to a three-way system as you can get with two drivers.

Precision sound technology

The new tweeter in the PSI Audio A21-M perfectly suits the technical prowess of the entire range of studio speakers. Adaptive Output Impedance (AOI) monitors and corrects the movement of the diaphragm relative to the input signal for exceptionally accurate sound reproduction. Compensated Phase Response (CPR) ensures that all spectral elements of the input signal are played back in phase to avoid unwanted colouration of the source material. The Class G/H power amplifiers take the advantages of Class AB and improve the design with lower distortion and increased efficiency. No additional signal conversion is required as the A21-M, like all speakers from PSI Audio, operates entirely in the analogue domain. Together with Swiss craftsmanship and the elaborate calibration of every single loudspeaker in the company’s anechoic chamber, these technologies attain outstanding fidelity in sound reproduction.

Quality from the Swiss manufacture

PSI Audio handles every single step from development to finished product in-house. The A21-M with its new tweeter is built entirely by hand in the company factory in Switzerland. Each individual unit is measured and calibrated in an anechoic chamber, and the corresponding individual measurement curve is included with the product. The precision that PSI Audio is committed to in terms of sound also includes the manufacturing quality, so that the speakers are very likely to become lifelong companions – a precision sound image to rely on for years to come.

About PSI Audio

For over 40 years, Swiss company Relec SA manufactures high- quality systems for professional audio reproduction. The company’s brand PSI Audio is firmly established in the field of studio speakers. The brand’s philosophy: 100 percent analogue circuitry without DSP, top quality through manufacturing in the company’s own facilities – and absolutely accurate reproduction. PSI Audio speakers play exactly what is present in the music, not adding anything to it or leaving anything out. With its active bass trap AVAA C20, PSI Audio also revolutionizes room acoustics.