The AVAAs are pressure-based absorbers and will therefore be most effective in location where the pressure build-up is greatest. As it is almost impossible to model the acoustic behaviour in a room, the following rules offer a rapid way of find the best positions:

  • In the corners.
    Corners will generally be most the most effective location as they combine pressure build-up from with lengthwise, width wise and vertical room modes.
  • Against the most rigid wall.
    By definition, flexible walls will move and let sound through. Rigid walls will move less and have greater pressure build-up.
  • Closest to the source of sound.
    If all corners are identical, we have generally observed greater efficiency in corners closest to the source of sound, such as behind the loudspeakers.

And of course, the best result in the listening position is easily achieved after a couple of trials with AVAAs in different positions.

Refer to the user manual for further details.

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