I’m a snob. They matter so much!

CJ Vanston is one of the most prolific producers, musicians, recording artists and much more. He is well known for his work with legendary mock-band-turned-real-phenomenon Spinal Tap and especially their bass player Derek Smalls, in other circles better known as actor Harry Shearer. Apart from these rock icons, Vanston has worked with a lot of celebrities, legends and stars of all genres and styles over the years, who all appreciated his critical ear. In his own studio, CJ Vanston relies on PSI Audio monitors for the accuracy he requires:

“I’m a snob. They matter so much”

“The first time I heard the PSI Audio monitors at the NAMM show, I told Roger: “This is why I do what I do – for this sound.”

After the NAMM show, Roger invited me to a party in the Hollywood Hills, where the owner had a pair of the bigger A25-Ms. We spent hours listening to every style of music conceivable on them. It was Breathtaking”.

“I now use the PSI A21-Ms with the A225-M subwoofer. These speakers are mind-blowing. I never think of them! I don’t need to think of them! They are genuinely perfect speakers, in my opinion, a whole level above everything else.”