From prestigious clubs like Harry Klein or Uebel & Gefaehrlich up to big festivals like SonneMondSterne or Airbeat One, Munich-based deep techno DJ Julian Wassermann has played them all. ‘To me, the biggest success is to have my music played in different countries, be it on festivals or in clubs,” he says. “That is the reason I produce music. There is nothing more satisfying than receiving messages from people telling me they just found my tracks and they love them.’

Wassermann has been active in electronic music for more than ten years: ‘I quickly wanted to learn how to produce this music, so I started to truly understand the matter,’ he explains.

For producing, he employs both real and virtual instruments: “I keep changing what I use, I always mix both worlds. At the moment I use Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 as a VST plug-in a lot, and I use Clavia Nord Lead 4 on the hardware side.’

‘My new studio has just been finished – I am so happy to be able to produce at home. It gives me the freedom to start working spontaneously, just as creativity requires.’

In it, Wassermann uses a pair of PSI Audio A21-M studio monitors. ‘I used to produce with headphones and double-check the mixes in the car,’ he recounts. ‘I was wary when I changed from headphones to speakers – for no reason at all. I have not touched my headphones ever since.’

‘Since I want my mix to be particularly clean and defined, I like to produce at higher levels to be able to better feel the tracks. That is important with club tracks. I tried and tested a lot of monitor speakers before making the purchase. It soon became clear there was no way around PSI Audio.’