Since using my PSI Audio monitors, I have noticed a significant increase in masters being approved on the very first version. Decisions are so easy to make and I don’t second guess things anymore. In my old room, the A215-M monitors didn’t require a subwoofer but since my new room is larger, I decided to add a pair of A125-M subwoofers, in part for some low frequency extension below 30Hz, but mainly for the ability to listen louder than I needed to before since my new room is bigger. I recently added some mid-level monitors from another company for my home studio setup and it
was incredible to hear how unclear they are compared to the PSI Audio sound I am used
to in that room. I will have to add another set of PSI Audio for the home setup now.

The AVAA Active Bass Traps are also amazing.
I know they can easily seem like voodoo or snake oil but PSI Audio has done their research and testing, and they are very effective for cor- recting low end issues in your room. They bring the low end into focus in ways you didn’t think were possible until you hear it in person and compare with them turned on and off. They are great for people like myself who are not acous- tical wizards because you simply plug them

in to a power source, try them in a few logical places and pick what works best. No acoustical measurements or calibration required, just use your ears. In my old room I had them on the front wall but in my new room my listening position is closer to the rear wall so they are most effective there.

Justin Perkins from Mystery Room Mastering, proud user of A215-M, A125-M and AVAA C20