I have been aware of PSI’s superior quality for some time now. All recent Edguy and Avantasia albums have been mastered on the PSI Audio A215m at Gatestudio in Wolfsburg.
I’ve been looking for high-end speakers for my own music room. I never seriously considered a HiFi solution: too much ridiculous hocus-pocus involved in that scene, with all the golden cables you ‘need’, only to deliver the sound that professional studio monitors deliver even without Voodoo-ism, strong belief and incense. Sascha Paeth, our award-winning producer suggested to check out the amazing 215s of PSI Audio at home, handmade honest high class speakers that the folks at Gatestudio swear by.
I expected a lot, but I am simply blown away by how great they work in an average home room: Detailed, precise with a well balanced frequency response at all different kinds of volume levels.
Yes, PSI Audio are known to connoisseurs for building premium class speakers for premium class mastering ears. But even ordinary mortals will realize how amazing these fellows sound. The 215 is so much fun to just enjoy music on. And unlike most professional tools they do have the look and measurements to be granted admission to your living room without your wife filing for divorce.


They are the ultimate ‘toy’ for any music lover. I have been playing and producing with Edguy and Avantasia for 25 years now, 17 studio albums, 10 world tours, and counting. Our fans around the world are so loyal because they know they can rely on our determination to deliver quality because we’re music lovers just like our fans. And the speaker is the final and most significant link between the creators of sound and the music lover at home. I can’t think of a different speaker anymore!
Tobias Sammet, Avantasia & Edguy (www.tobiassammet.com)